All About Drop Cloth

You’ll soon discover, if you frequent my blog, that drop cloth projects are pretty popular around here, so I wanted to provide this resource as a place to learn the basics about this fabric.

Drop cloth is one of my favorite fabrics to use for projects around my home. I’ve used it to make DIY Banner for Nursery With Lettering Template, Easy DIY Table Runner From Drop Cloth seat covers, DIY Embroidery Hoop Ornament for Christmas, How to Sew a Market Bag, DIY Bunting Garland, curtains, and more.

Here’s why I enjoy utilizing it: cost effectiveness, neutral in color, very durable, easy to clean, readily available, and texture. So what exactly is all the hype about drop cloth? Let’s dive into answering a few questions you may have about this fabric.

what is drop cloth?

Drop cloth is a protective sheet used especially by painters to guard floors and furniture from paint spills.

what kind of fabric is it?

Drop cloth can be plastic or fabric. For this post we are specifically discussing fabric drop cloth only. Canvas drop cloth is 100% cotton duck fabric.

As previously mentioned, I really love the texture that drop cloth brings into a space. It is not as soft and smooth as clothing made of cotton, but rather very thick and a little rough to the touch like a canvas.

If you enjoy a bit of texture like I do, drop cloth is an inexpensive fabric to choose!

What Are All The Weights About?

Canvas drop cloth comes in a variety of weights such as 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.

Keep the weight in mind when prepping for your project. You may not want the heaviest option for curtains as you may want for a seat cover. And so on.

where can i purchase drop cloth?

Drop cloth is super easy to find! I pick mine up from my local Ace Hardware store. Look in most hardware stores or Amazon and I guarantee you’ll find multiple options.

what size is it?

Drop cloth comes in a wide range of sizes. I’ve seen 4’x12′, 10’x12′, 9’x12′ and even larger. The most common size seems to be the 9’x12′, but you can even find 20’x30′ if you really need to!

How Much Does it Cost?

Drop cloth is about $2 per yard…so inexpensive! The price of drop cloth depends on the weight of the fabric. For example, prices for a 9’x12′ cloth range from $15 for a 6 ounce canvas to around $30 for a 12 ounce canvas.

what color is drop cloth?

The fabric is typically a light beige color. It reminds me of the color of oatmeal. It can also come in plain white, but I mostly see it in beige.

NOTE: drop cloth can be dyed or bleached.

is it washable?

Yes! I suggest washing your fabric before doing any sewing because it does tend to shrink.

Drop cloth is quite durable, so washing it does not hurt it!

what Projects can i use it for?

I’m so glad you asked because this is where all the fun projects begin!

Drop cloth can be used for curtains, pillow covers, slip covers for couches or chairs, table runners, bed skirt, and so much more.

I have used this fabric to make a little banner for my Elliot’s nursery. The neutral color of the fabric allowed me to make this before we knew our baby’s gender. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

Find the full tutorial and printable lettering template right here!

Seat Cover

I also covered an old seat cushion with drop cloth. It was such a quick project that totally changed the look of the chair. Plus it was a very inexpensive makeover!

I have found that stains remove well from this cover if cleaned promptly.

I also have a tutorial for this project here.

Table Runner

I wanted a basic table runner that could function at all times and with all types of seasonal decor, so drop cloth was my first choice.

I wrote all the step-by-step instructions over here.

Bunting Garland

I sewed a basic bunting garland to hang in Elliot’s nursery or to use for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and celebrations. Find all the details for this tutorial here!

If you found this bit of information about drop cloth helpful and find a way to utilize it in your home, comment below to let me know how! I’d love to gather more project inspiration for our Hilltop Farmhouse.

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