10 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas will soon be upon us! It’s only November as I’m writing this, but I know how quickly the next two months pass by, so I’m aiming to have all my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. A lofty goal? Perhaps…we shall see.

It can be so easy to get stuck on what to gift certain people. You’d like to be both thoughtful and practical without breaking the bank. How does one actually do that? Handmade gifts can be a great solution to those wonderings!

I’ve created a list of 10 handmade items that are quite easy to make, cost effective, and filled with care for any loved one you may have in mind.

Below you will find a unique list of 10 gift ideas that would make wonderful Christmas gifts this year! These are the kinds of gifts that tell someone you were intentionally thinking of them. Each of these items is very inexpensive, easy to make (thanks to all the tutorials that go along with them!), and a few are even customizable! I hope a this list can give you a little inspiration into creating thoughtful gifts for those you love!

1. Half Apron

This would be the perfect gift for the chef or baker in your life!

I wanted my apron to remain plain and simple, but you can add ruffles, coordinating fabrics, or lacy embellishments. I encourage you to make this project your own. There’s something special about crafting a handmade item that reflects your style and personality.

2. Natural Linen Spray

Everyone loves the smell of a fresh linen, but we don’t always have time to put them through a thorough wash. This easy-to-make linen spray solves that issue! Just a few sprits will leave blankets, pillows, couches, or car interiors smelling nice and clean.

I’m telling you, this is one of the easiest DIY gifts to make. And mix up a large batch and you’ve got gifts for more than one person!

The ingredients are simple. You probably have most, if not all, of them in your house already. Just purchase a small glass spray bottle and pair with another thoughtful Christmas gift, and you’re sure to make someone’s day!

3. Pot Holder

Another great idea for the cook in your life! Oh, and it would look so lovely in a gift along with that Half Apron we mentioned earlier.

There’s nothing like a handmade gift that is both beautiful and practical. And this pot holder is exactly that! The entire, easy to follow tutorial will show you everything you need so whip out a few of these before the holidays.

I also love this gift idea because it is extremely budget friendly. Even use scrap fabrics that are lying around! Perfect for those of us who love to give gifts, but are also pinching pennies.

4. Sign for the Garden

Most of use probably have a gardener in our lives, but what exactly do you gift towards that sort of hobby? You know nothing of gardening tools, know-how books, or what else strikes warmth in the heart of ‘green-thumbs’.

How about a primitive and rustic gardening sign? I like to hang mine by my front door when I’m spending the day out with the veggies and flowers. This tutorial even comes with a printable lettering template so no worries if calligraphy isn’t your thing!

5. Wooden Spoon Butter

Yet another easy, basic-ingredient recipe. Wooden spoon butter makes a wonderful stocking stuffer since it can fit in a very small tin or jar. Even pair it in a kitchen themed gift basket along with our Pot Holder and Half Apron!

This is a unique gift that is sure to make caring for wooden spoons and cutting boards a more enjoyable process.

6. Drop Cloth Banner

I absolutely love this gift idea because it is customizable to any person in your life! Here you can see that I created one for my son’s nursery (a printable lettering template comes with this specific tutorial), but wording is not limited to what you see here!

Make one for a child’s playroom, a college dorm, the office, a reading nook, and so much more! Just look on Pinterest for inspiration for phrases to fill the banner with.

This entire tutorial is easy to follow and the project is very inexpensive. I used drop cloth here, but linen and cotton will also work as well. Even utilize scrap fabrics you have lying about.

7. Market Bag

This DIY Market Bag is large, making it perfect for a busy mom’s beach bag or library tote, the home-cook’s produce bag, or the travelers souvenir holder. Add a few items like books, writing utensils kitchen utensils, spa items, or yummy snacks, and now you have a very thoughtful Christmas gift bag.

The tutorial will lead you through every step you need to make this bag come to life. I used drop cloth for mine (can you tell I enjoy this textile?), but linen and cotton are perfect as well!

8. Non-Toxic All Purpose Spray

This natural, simple-to-make all purpose spray would be a great addition to wash cloths, a homemade Linen Spray, essential oils, a diffuser, or other cleaning related items in a gift basket.

All of the ingredients are easy to come by (you probably have most of them in your cabinet right now), so no searching high and low for unique ingredients that no one’s heard of before. Make up a large batch and gift to multiple people on your list.

9. Table Runner from Drop Cloth

Yes, another drop cloth item! This table runner would look great rolled up in a gift basket along with unique antique items or other decor pieces. The nature of this runner is to be extremely basic so that it pairs with any season or whatever table decor finds it’s way into the home.

This is one of the easiest sewing tutorials on my blog, making it a great option for those who get intimidated by the concept of sewing!

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