DIY Embroidery Hoop Ornament for Christmas

December. It’s one of my favorite months of the year. The house is decorated for Christmas, our first snow may or may not have arrived by now, and each day seems to be filled with a little extra joy and anticipation for all that the holiday season holds. One of the best ways, in my opinion, to show friends and family love is through handmade gifts. Ornaments can be a simple and easy place to get started!

I’ve made many projects over the years and quite a few have been Christmas presents for friends and family. Check out these handmade items that you could easily craft for someone you love as well: Banner from Drop ClothPot HolderA Sign for the GardenDIY Half ApronWooden Spoon Butter, and Natural Linen Spray (just to name a few).

There truly is nothing quite like a handmade gift, and that’s why I love creating my own ornaments. They make great stocking stuffers or toppers to wrapped boxes and Christmas bags!

This post includes a tutorial for a embroidery hoop ornament. Find all you need in order to make one right here! Step-by-step instructions, a list of needed supplies, tips to make the process as simple as possible, and ideas for creative ways to display them on other gifts. Handmade gifts truly are the most meaningful kinds, and this little ornament is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Or make two…one for you and another as a gift. Let’s get to crafting! P.S. don’t want to make your own? I’ve got a link to pre-made ornaments in my Etsy shop down below!

How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Keep in Mind

This tutorial is quite flexible. Feel free to use a different fabric, paint the embroidery hoop, or skip the bow or other embellishments. The nature of this piece is to look custom, and handmade.

Needed Supplies

  • Embroidery hoop (SIZE)
  • Fabric (I used striped burlap)
  • Drop cloth
  • Thin brown string
  • Thick jute twine
  • Christmas bells
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun


1. Begin by placing the embroidery hoop over the fabric and tracing around the outside of it. I like using a pencil for this step in case I make an error, but a pen may be needed on darker fabrics.

2. Cut out the circle that you traced. You may even cut a little outside the line to be sure there is enough fabric to work with. We’ll trim off any extra later on in the process.

3. Take the two rings of the embroidery hoop apart and place the fabric over the inner ring. Put the outer ring and inner rings together again with the fabric between the two. Be sure to tighten the hoop until the fabric is tight and secure.

4. Trim off an excess fabric from the backside of the hoop.

5. Cut a strand of jute twine that is 12 inches long. Secure this to the top of the hoop to form the loop for hanging.

6. Cut a strip of drop cloth according to these measurements: 18″long and 1.5″ wide. I like to make mine longer so I can cut off excess after the bow is formed.

7. Use the drop cloth to form a bow.

8. Cut a strand of brown string according to these measurements: 5″ long.

9. Tie one bell to each end of the brown string.

10. Place a small drop of hot glue at the top of the hoop, just under where the hanging loop is tied.

11. Place the brown string of bells in the glue. You can allow the bells to hang down evenly or adjust so that one hangs a little lower than the other.

12. Proceed to place the drop cloth bow on top of the string of bells while the glue is still warm. You can always add more glue if the original drop has already solidified.

13. Trim off any excess fabric from the bow, clean up strands of hot glue, and your ornament is ready to hang!

What if I Don’t Want to Make My Own?

Head on over to my Etsy shopThis ornament and many others are available for purchase! I’ve also made them customizable based on what string you’d like to use for hanging and if bells or pinecones are your preference.

I also utilize this Etsy shop for other seasonal decor, so be sure to check back for Valentine’s Items, Spring and Summer decor, Autumn goodies, and more Christmas ornaments and signs!

How to Gift This Item

Ornaments make wonderful stocking stuffers! I enjoy tying one or two to the loop of the stocking and allowing them to hang on the outside. It’s like a little peek at what my be inside!

You can also tie them to the handles of a gift bag (just make sure the person receiving the present doesn’t overlook it and accidentally throw it away with the wrapping!

Use a similar method by taping them onto a gift box along with a nice bow or ribbon.

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