Using Lemon Essential Oil in the Home

As I write this post, the windows are wide open, sunshine is pouring into the house, and lemon essential oil is going in my diffuser. Can a person get many more spring vibes than that all at once? The scent of this oil instantly makes me feel refreshed and recharged to finished this day out well.

Bonus…it also makes my home smell clean no matter what state it happens to be in during a certain day of the week!

This oil has so many uses and benefits that I can’t possibly discuss them all in one post such as this, but I’d like to share with you my top 5 favorite ways to use lemon essential oil in my home. Please note that there are so many more uses and benefits to this oil than we’ll discuss here, so I encourage you to seek out even more information than I’ll provide here.

Lemon essential oil is one of the most well-known and most used essential oils on the market. This powerful oil has so many fantastic uses…from cleaning to degreasing hair, and everything in between! Follow along as we discuss 5 of my favorite ways to utilize this refreshing oil in my home.

My 5 Favorite Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil in my Home

1. DIY Natural All Purpose House Cleaner

I began purging my home of harsh chemicals a few years ago and some of the first things to go were all the various household cleaners. Since that time I’ve created non-toxic solutions such as Toilet Bowl CleanerLinen SprayCarpet Stain RemoverNatural Febreeze, and much more!

I quickly discovered that I could either pay $15 to $20 for a natural all purpose cleaner, or I could make one myself with a few ingredients. I opted to make my own! This spray is perfect for so many jobs…cutting through hard water spots, breaking up grease and grime on pans, removing marks on the walls, and basic house cleaning tasks too.

2. Natural Laundry Detergent Powder

Making my own home cleaners and various products has given me more peace of mind and also saved me some pennies! The great thing about DIY home products is that they usually use a lot of the same basic ingredients. This powder laundry detergent only requires three ingredients (and you can find them at your local grocery store!).

This is a powder laundry detergent that is free from harsh chemicals, gentle on sensitive skin, and safe for infants. Double or triple it to make enough detergent to last months! This product eliminates odors, removes stains, and whitens. This is all I’ve used for many months now and I am very pleased with the results.

3. All Natural Febreeze Spray

We all enjoy fresh smelling room! Febreeze makes it so easy to get a nice scent with very minimal effort. But did you know that many of those air freshening bottles at the grocery store are filled with toxic chemicals that are terrible for breathing in? Unfortunately, it’s true.

Febreeze is not something we want floating in the air of our homes. It’s full of toxins that ultimately wreak havoc on our health. Thankfully, this natural room freshener spray is a fantastic alternative to the chemical ridden fresheners! It is made of basic ingredients that you probably have in the pantry already. Bonus…it’s so much cheaper to make than purchasing fresheners from the grocery store! You’ll find all the information you need for creating this freshening spray just below. A list of possible scent combinations is also included at the end.

4. Degreasing

Lemon essential oil is a powerful and natural degreaser! Ditch those toxic chemicals you’ve been using to get greasy pots and pans clean and simply keep 10-20 drops of lemon oil in a 16 oz spray bottle (diluted with water) near the kitchen sink!

5. Aroma Therapy

One of my most favorite ways to use lemon oil in my home is by diffusing it! This oil provides such a fresh and invigorating fragrance. I especially enjoy it’s aroma while I am cleaning the house because it just seems to freshen the whole space up and make it feel even cleaner than usual!

Another benefit to using lemon oil for aroma therapy is that it seems to wake up the mind (which I need quite often after eventful nights and days with the baby). I’ll often diffuse one or two drops when my brain feels foggy and I can’t focus. This isn’t a magic cure for those problems, but I do notice that it brightens my spirits and clears my mind a bit as well!

Lemon oil has also been found to provide some calm when one is stressed and anxious. Just diffuse a few drops or use them topically!

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