Inexpensive Drop Cloth Projects

Drop cloth is one of my favorite fabrics to work with for a few reasons…It is durable, very accessible, and best of all…it is so inexpensive! I get a 9’x12′ canvas drop cloth for $13 at my local hardware store.

I am a huge fan of sprucing up my home with handmade items, so I thought I would compile a list of 8 home decor projects using drop cloth. I hope you are able to try a few of these and enjoy the process!

Looking for a few DIY projects outside of drop cloth? Check these out: DIY Sign For The Garden, DIY Sign for Autumn, DIY How to Sew A Half Apron, Sewing a Simple Tea Towel, How to Sew Cafe Curtains, and much more!

Looking for an inexpensive fabric to use in sewing and other DIY projects? Drop cloth is just the item! I’ve compiled a list of 8 projects that utilize drop cloth as well as a little info on why drop cloth is so good! You’ll be heading to the hardware store to stock up after seeing all the possibilities!

8 Inexpensive Drop Cloth Projects

1. DIY Banner for Nursery With Lettering Template

Learn everything you need to know about sewing a banner. This is a simple sewing tutorial that lists the materials needed, steps to follow (with pictures), and offers helpful tips and tricks along the way. This banner is for my son’s nursery, but it can be made for any space or occasion! A very useful lettering printout is also available if you decide this is the exact thing you’d like your banner to say. Find even more sewing tutorials at the very end!

2. How to Sew Cafe Curtains

Stick around if you’re interested in learning how to sew cafe curtains. I promise that these curtains will transform your window into an interesting focal point while also granting a little privacy to your family! But don’t worry, they won’t block out that wonderful light that we all want in the kitchen. The light filters through them in a very homey way. The supply list and step-by-step instructions are just below, so continue reading for that information.

3. How to Cover a Seat Cushion With Drop Cloth

Learn how to cover a chair seat with drop cloth (or fabric of your choice)! Everything, including needed materials, step-by-step instructions, tips I learned along the way, and pictures to guide you, are all included right here! Give an old, dated, or worn-out chair new life with these few steps! All you need is some fabric and a staple gun and this project will be complete in no time at all.

4. DIY Embroidery Hoop Ornament for Christmas

This post includes a tutorial for an embroidery hoop ornament. Find all you need in order to make one right here! Step-by-step instructions, a list of needed supplies, tips to make the process as simple as possible, and ideas for creative ways to display them on other gifts. Handmade gifts truly are the most meaningful kinds, and this little ornament is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Or make two…one for you and another as a gift. Let’s get to crafting! P.S. don’t want to make your own? I’ve got a link to pre-made ornaments in my Etsy shop at the very end of this post.

5. How to Sew a Market Bag

Join me as I share the process for making this simple looking, yet durable bag for a very low expense. The step-by-step instructions are just below, so be sure to read carefully in order to achieve the design! Before we get started, I have a few notes about this tutorial and maybe even some tips to keep in mind along the way. Stay all the way to the end if you’re interested in learning a bit more about drop cloth.

6. DIY Bunting Garland

Learn how to sew a basic Bunt Garland right here! Including a list of needed supplies, detailed instructions, helpful images, and tips and tricks. Everything you need for this quick and simple sewing project is right here. Make the perfect garland for birthday occasions, family parties, or seasonal decor! Customize to your liking.

7. Easy DIY Table Runner From Drop Cloth

Wanting to take on a sewing project that’s quick, extremely basic, and simple to make? Would you like something to spruce up your table decor in a homemade way? Well, this is your project! This simple table runner is very inexpensive and quite easy to make. I promise you can do this! The nature of this piece is to be a basic decor item that carries from one season to the next. Find all the info you need to make this table runner today.

8. How to Sew a Pot Holder

Learn how to sew your very own hot pad! This simple sewing project is the perfect handmade addition to your kitchen, or someone else’s kitchen. Who doesn’t appreciate being given a thoughtful, handmade item? Pot holders are also a great way to utilize all of those scrap fabrics that you may have stored here and there! Continue reading below to find a list of needed supplies, step-by-step instructions, and a few tips as well.

Why Drop Cloth?

Here’s why I enjoy utilizing it: cost effectiveness, neutral in color, very durable, easy to clean, readily available, and texture.

So what exactly is all the hype about drop cloth? Let’s dive into answering a few questions you may have about this fabric.

Read All About Drop Cloth here!

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