5 Simple Autumn Touches for Your Home

I’m not really on the fall decorating train. I enjoy growing pumpkins in our garden and placing them on the porch amidst a few mums, but that’s about as festive as it gets around here during autumn.

Instead I take pleasure in placing small and subtle touches of the season around my home. No bright orange leaves scattered across the mantle, fake plastic pumpkins here and there, or small metal trucks that say “pick your pumpkin patch” on the side (yes, I’m looking at you, Hobby Lobby).

Now, hear me out. If those types of items are your jam, go for it…embrace it…enjoy it all you can! That type of fall decor can be achieved quite well, but it’s simply not my style.

Instead, I like to add a few simple touches to my home that add a bit of cozy as the chilly autumn nights roll in. Let me tell you five ways that I do this:

1. Art

I have a few pieces that I enjoy bringing out just for the fall season. One such art piece is a woodland scene with leaves painting in bright reds, warm oranges, and joyful yellows. The artist obviously had autumn in mind during the creative process!

Setting aside a few autumn-themed paintings just for this specific time of year is a wonderful way to display those cozy fall colors in your home and change up your usual decorations.

Keep in Mind:

Art does not have to be expensive! I’ve found almost every painting or print that I own at antique malls or thrift stores. I believe that the most I’ve ever spent on one painting is $30. Just keep an eye out for good deals. They’re out there!

Etsy is another great resource for specific styles of art. It offers a plethora of shops that sell prints. Purchase the one(s) you prefer, find a place to print them off, choose the size you’d like it to be, add a frame, and you have a custom art piece!

2. Linens

I like to add a subtle change to my home decor with linens. This can include table cloths, blankets, pillows, quilts, and more.

3. Flowers and Grasses

Yet another simple and inexpensive item that can alter the entire feel of a space. It’s time to store those fresh and colorful bouquets away until spring and bring out the fall tones.

Think dried seed heads arranged in the shape of a wreath, goldenrod (fresh or dried) sitting in a pitcher, bouquets of wildflowers hung upside down on the kitchen wall, branches of dried maple leaves draped along the mantle place, and so on.

Autumn floral decor can be so much more than corn stalks strapped to the posts on the porch (not that I’m against this idea because it can be done tastefully!)

Keep in Mind

These can be artificial, real, or a mixture of the two! I prefer to utilize as much real florals and grasses as possible, but I’ve also seen some artificial options that are convincing as well. A benefit to real florals and grasses is that they can be thrown out each year rather than finding storage space for them!

4. Beeswax Candles

We all love those classic fall candles. Spiced Apple Pie, Crisp Autumn, and Pumpkin Spice Latte. You know which are your favorites, don’t you? I do too!

But let’s be honest, synthetic fragrances are no good for us. I tend to get a headache after burning a heavily scented candle in my home, but is there an alternative? Yes, indeed! Beeswax candles are a lovely way to create a cozy ambiance in your home at all times. of the year, but especially during fall!

5. Pumpkins

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