March Gardening Check List

March is one of my least favorite months of the year. Not much is growing at this time of year except for my indoor seed starts. The smell of fresh soil and tiny green shoots give me hope that spring is on the way! Caring for indoor seedlings is the main task on my March garden to-do list, but it also contains a few other items as well. Let’s take a look at whats on my March Gardening Check List!

I am sharing monthly garden to-do lists here on the blog for two reasons: for my future self to refer back to and for fellow gardeners to see the types of things I’m doing each month to stay on top of the garden. Go back and check out my Gardening To-Do List | January and Gardening To-Do List | February to see what I was up to last month.

Here’s what I’m planning to do for the garden this month:

  • Caring for my indoor seed starts.
  • Plant early spring crops outside.

March Gardening Check List

Caring for Indoor Seed Starts

I started my tomatoes and peppers in February, so this is the time to keep them alive and thriving! This means watching for any yellowing leaves, spindly stems, or other signs of disease. I’m watering them every day and ensuring that the lights and heating pads are functioning properly. I have my lights on a timer so they’ll turn on and off on their own at the saem times each day.

Before long it’ll be time to transplant them into larger containers!

Planting Early Spring Crops

This includes broccoli, cabbage, and carrots.

We’re going to try planting our carrots in containers since our soil is quite hard. Perhaps this will result in larger and straighter carrots? Here’s to trying and hoping! The broccoli and cabbage will go directly into the garden.

Tasks such as the ones mentioned above, though they seem small and mundane, are what kick-start my excitement for the coming garden. Dreaming as I flip through seed catalogues, preparing my supplies for future plants, and anticipating what this year will hold for my garden. Spring will be here before we know it!

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