Our Cloth Diapering Routine

We currently have two little boys in cloth diapers. Our Cloth Diapering Routine began about two years ago, so we've established a pretty good system for using them on a daily basis. I've written a few posts on cloth diapers: A Cloth Diapering Q and A and Cloth Diapering | The Pros and Cons, but... Continue Reading →

A Cloth Diapering Q and A

At first glance, the entire concept of cloth diapering seems monumental and completely overwhelming. I went to the internet with a long list of questions: How do I clean them? How expensive are they? Will they save me money? How do I travel with them? And so on. I needed A Cloth Diapering Q and... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapering | The Pros and Cons

I've used cloth diapers on both of my boys. That's nearly two full years of experience under my belt, so I'm fairly confident in explaining the pros and cons of this way of diapering to whoever is interested. In my opinion, the pros vastly outweigh the cons, but I also understand that cloth diapers may... Continue Reading →


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