A Delicious Chili Soup Recipe

The winter season is upon us. The days are just brisk which means I crave anything and everything warm. One of the better aspects of the cooler seasons, in my opinion, is the food. Warm and wholesome, there’s just nothing like the dishes we customarily enjoy during autumn and winter. Delicious baked goods such as... Continue Reading →

5 Simple Autumn Touches for Your Home

I’m not really on the fall decorating train. I enjoy growing pumpkins in our garden and placing them on the porch amidst a few mums, but that's about as festive as it gets around here during autumn. Instead I take pleasure in placing small and subtle touches of the season around my home. No bright... Continue Reading →

4 Simmer Pot Recipes for Autumn

Autumn is here. Summer has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean our homes must become dreary and lifeless! Pot Pourris (simmer pots) are some of the best ways to fill a home with wonderful and safe fragrances. I even made a Christmas Pot Pourri Recipe if you’re interested in that during the coming holidays. It’s so... Continue Reading →


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