Sourdough Peanut Butter Cookies

I love when I can take a classic recipe and make it a bit healthier for my family without sacrificing taste and quality! These delicious Sourdough Peanut Butter Cookies are just that...a healthier alternative to a true classic dessert. Trust me, it's hard to stop at just one with this recipe! Looking for even more... Continue Reading →

Sourdough Double Chocolate Muffins

You’ll want to save this delicious Sourdough Double Chocolate Muffin recipe because you’ll absolutely love it! Get all the health benefits of long fermentation while still treating yourself…just a little! These muffins turn out light and fluffy on the inside. Find everything you need to know in order to make this recipe right here! Looking... Continue Reading →

Easy Sourdough Bagel Recipe

This Easy Sourdough Bagel Recipe is the perfect way to start off your day or to enjoy as a delicious brunch. Savory, chewy, and tangy (thanks to the sourdough), you can't go wrong with these bagels! Oh, and they're quick and easy to make from scratch too. Sourdough is such a great way to get... Continue Reading →

How to Freeze Sourdough Starter

Learn how to freeze sourdough starter to preserve it for later use. Perfect for when you can't fit sourdough baking into your busy schedule for awhile and you still want to keep a thriving sourdough starter for future use. This is a really simple way to do it. Why Freeze a Sourdough Starter? You'll always... Continue Reading →

How to Air-Dry Sourdough Starter

Learn how to air-dry sourdough starter for a convenient way to keep a starter without the constant feeding schedule. When you are ready to revive it, it will only take a few short days. Getting into sourdough can feel pretty overwhelming at first. New terms, baking schedules, learning to bake with it, and constant Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Food Sticks to Cast Iron

Cooking with cast iron is a major learning curve….one that nearly scared me away from the process altogether. Thankfully, I stuck it out, continued to practice, and learned from my mistakes. The main reason I almost gave up cooking in cast iron was because I couldn't overcome the stickiness. Boy, am I glad I just... Continue Reading →

How to Pressure Can Salsa

You’ve made a batch of salsa, but how do you preserve it? The ideal way to preserve salsa for best flavor and long-term storage is by canning it. While salsa can be preserved in a water bath canner (see the differences between Pressure Canning and Water Bath Canning here), this specific post is all about... Continue Reading →

Simple Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

This Simple Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup recipe is packed with vegetables, nutrient-dense broth, and flavorful herbs. It’s the perfect soup for simmering on these chilly evenings. There’s so much flavor packed into this rich, healthy chicken soup. It is so filling, but I highly recommend serving it with a side of fluffy biscuits. Theres nothing quite... Continue Reading →

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