How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter this fall plays a huge roll in how your garden will perform and produce next year. All too often, the vegetable garden plot become an afterthought as autumn settles in. Once plants begin to lose their vigor, and production slows or stops all together, many gardeners simply let... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Food Sticks to Cast Iron

Cooking with cast iron is a major learning curve….one that nearly scared me away from the process altogether. Thankfully, I stuck it out, continued to practice, and learned from my mistakes. The main reason I almost gave up cooking in cast iron was because I couldn't overcome the stickiness. Boy, am I glad I just... Continue Reading →

September Gardening Check List

September is one of the busiest months of the year for our garden. Fruit and vegetables mature, heat intensifies, canning equipment comes out, and we prepare for all of the food preservation that will soon come our way. Let’s take a look at whats on my September Gardening Check List! I am sharing monthly garden... Continue Reading →

How to Pressure Can Salsa

You’ve made a batch of salsa, but how do you preserve it? The ideal way to preserve salsa for best flavor and long-term storage is by canning it. While salsa can be preserved in a water bath canner (see the differences between Pressure Canning and Water Bath Canning here), this specific post is all about... Continue Reading →

Homemade Fermented Pickle Recipe

This homemade fermented pickle recipe is so simple to make! Seriously, just combine cucumbers, water, and salt and you have a delicious, mildly-sour, probiotic pickle. If you grow your own cucumbers, you know how quickly they begin to overwhelm your kitchen! Fermented pickles are an easy way to use up a bunch of cucumbers. Making... Continue Reading →

How to Care for Cut Sunflowers

I always grow a large patch of sunflowers somewhere in my vegetable garden. The bright yellow petals are such a joy to look at as I tend to my gardening tasks! While I prefer to leave most of the flowers to continue growing outside, I also enjoy a happy vase of sunflowers on the table... Continue Reading →

Easiest Way to Freeze Green Beans

You've harvested green beans, but how do you preserve them? Sure, you can pull the pressure canner, jars, and rings out and make a day of canning them, but there isn't always time for that! Another way to preserve them is by freezing them. While some methods for freezing produce are extremely intricate and time... Continue Reading →

When to Pick Green Beans

Knowing when to pick green beans can be tricky! Eating them before they are ready means you miss out on its full flavor. On the other hand, leaving them on the vine can result in stringy and less tasteful pods. Thankfully, it is possible to harvest green beans at the ideal stage as long as... Continue Reading →

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a versatile and delicious fruit to grow in the garden, but knowing when they're ripe and ready to eat can be tricky! Eating a tomato before it is ripe means you miss out on its full flavor. On the other hand, leaving tomatoes to ripen on the vine often results in pests getting... Continue Reading →

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